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It’s been said many times over. Many women aspire to get the glamorous looks of celebrities, but we just cannot seem to figure out what lipsticks to use to accentuate our lips and make them stand out from the crowd. Recent trends show that less is more. Many professionals and celebrities go through many different brands and types, but they find that choosing the right nude lipsticks has the best results.

If you need a lip color that blends with your skin hue, then you go for a nude lipstick. It will give you a beautiful natural appearance – making your own lips fuller than they already are. In this article we help you find the best nude lipstick for pale skin.

How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick For Pale Skin?

Best Nude Lipstick For Pale SkinWhen your skin is pale like Zooey Deschanel, or Kirsten Dunst it can be very difficult to find the right lipstick color. The pale skin complexion can make mane shades feel like they either stand out to much, or blend into nothing. Nude lipsticks has many tones that can match every skin shade, from light pink to medium brown, however, it requires skill to pick the right lipstick. The best nude lipsticks for pale skins would have very little greys and cool colors, to avoid draining the color of your face away even further. The best idea is to pick shades that go with your hair and eye color, creating a silhouette effect.

An easy way to get the best lipstick shade for you is yo put a little bit of it on your wrist. If the color is darker about one or two times less, then this color will probably be perfect for your lips. If you still doubt yourself, another option is to go for a slightly more creamy colored nude lipstick. MAC’s Creme D’Nude is a good example of this. Along with L’Oreal’s shade 231. It is important to note that the best nude lipstick tones for pale skin are not that rampant. They will not be too obvious, but will accentuate your lips, making them feel fuller than they are.

best Nude Lipstick

Another option you have when it comes to nude lipsticks for pale skin is to go for a tone that’s slightly lighter than your skin, like a tinted pink or other lighter shades. Two examples here are the Hazelnut Colorburst by Revlon or the Blush lipstick by Tom Ford. The latter is quite expensive, but it really is worth it. We will do a review of this one on this site soon.

The beauty secret of pale skinned celebrities is that they choose the right nude lipstick for their skin complexion. They spend a lot of time researching what goes well for their skin, and they bring out the beautiful glamorous look admired by all. A new nude lipstick shade can give a fresh new look, and when you get it right, you’ll look just beautiful. Good luck!

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