How to Find Your Skin Undertones

How to Find Your Skin Undertones One of the more difficult problems we come across when we pick the best nude lipstick for ourselves is that we judge our skin shades wrong. Finding your skin undertones is a complicated matter for a lot of us because there are many factors that influence it. For instance, not only the color of our skin is important, but it’s also important to find out what undertones our veins produce.

Finding your skin undertones – Warm or Cool?

Your skin undertone is not strictly the same as simply talking about the color of your skin. The undertone has more to do with the glow your veins produce on your skin. Your skin shade can change during the course of the year due to the suns exposure, but your undertone can not. Your veins effect on your skin can absolutely make or break your make up foundation AND your lipstick choice!

The easiest and most popular technique to find your skin undertone is to look at the inside of your wrists. Exfoliate and moisterise your skin and have a good look at your veins in a good natural light. Note that the color of your skin may have an impact on your undertones, but it’s not what you should focus on!

Cool undertones

If you notice that the veins on your wrist are a blue or purple shade then you have a cool undertone. The cool undertone can make your skin look a little pink-beige. Cool undertones can make some shades of foundation and nude lipstick look a little ashy. We will add a guide soon that will help you avoid this.

Neutral undertones

How to Find Your Skin UndertonesFor veins that are in the blue to green spectrum you fall into the neutral undertone category. This is the case for most women, and it makes your skin look neither pink-beige or gold-peachy but rather somewhere in between. For neutral undertones it is generally the easiest to find a good foundation or nude lipstick, as the shades are likely not to discolor too much.

Warm undertones

How to Find Your Skin UndertonesYou have a warm undertone if your skin has a yellow, gold or peachy tint to it. You will find your veins to be slightly green or olive which makes your skin look a little yellow-ish under the sunlight. Warm undertones can mean that it can be difficult to find the right concealer or nude lipstick. The best nude lipstick for you is likely to be quite pigmented.

What do our undertones mean for our nude lipstick choice?

We can divide all nude lipstick shades into different categories. Some will be perfect when we only consider our undertones, or only the color of our skin, but the reality is that to take all these factors into consideration, we would have to look at a chart like the one we pictured below:

How to Find Your Skin Undertones

Numbered from 1 to 10, we have displayed different skin tones, ranging from a pinkish skin to a relatively dark brown. We have displayed different varieties of skin undertones. You can see that for every skin tones there are multiple resulting skin shades. This image above serves as an illustrative example and does not contain all skin shades available.

When you choose your nude lipstick, your undertone and skin shade plays a big role on how your nude lipstick color will be perceived. Now that you know how to find your skin undertone, you have a fighting chance to find the best nude lipstick for your skin complexion.

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